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We love Weddings, meet new people, filming and taking photos of the love between each other, and we are very pleased to be able to do this for a living! We are Joe Caruana and Barbara, Barbara is from Hungary and Joe is from Malta, but lived in UK for around 25 years.

We love to film and photograph your wedding in reportage style, so the final movie or image is always very natural, we never force poses. After all its your wedding day and not a photo shoot. Our wish is that when we film and photograph your wedding, you feel the very emotions of that special day! So if you get pleasure from the preparations etc, We will be with you at the hotel or at home until the end of the wedding.

Our style is to capture Real moments as they happen. We like to catch all the emotions at a wedding and are constantly looking for those special moments, as these are usually the best photos you will have from your wedding. We use the latest hi-tech digital cameras with powerful lenses so that we get all the details, and you will have images to cherish forever.

We are full time wedding photographers, but we also do other type of photography. When doing wedding photography, you will need all the experience of the other type of photography. As wedding photography covers all of it.

To accomplish a good service, the first thing I seek is to set up a reliable relationship with the wedding couple, so as to create confidence with them. Their wedding day must be a pleasant one, and a photo service sometimes risks adding a burden to it. This is why I intervene the least possible with the couple during the service; I may lead them towards better light, I may have them play, laugh, joke. I try to enhance their spontaneity, catching it as soon as I see it. I see my wedding photo service for them as reportage; I am the one that moves, seeking the right angle. Who gets to decide what to do? We do it together, I simply give suggestions, leading the couple towards the style I see and interpret for their wedding. I use highly professional digital equipment, allowing me a large number of shots that ensure catching unique moments, without having to stop.

I am THE HAPPY HAPPY photographer.

Contact Details


Joe Caruana


(+356) 2736 6898


(+356) 7736 6898



Gzira, Malta


Kercem, Gozo




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