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Which Ring to wear?
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For now, you are probably wearing the engagement ring on the left hand and the steady ring over it, because the engagement ring is the one 'closest to the heart'. However, on your wedding day, you will want to have the wedding ring 'closer to the hea... more »

Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends
Sofia Angeli

Solitaires with colourless diamonds are still the most popular choice for engagement rings. And perhaps, they will continue to be. But don’t go with the norm if it’s not your style. While your engagement ring is a symbol of your love and relationship... more »

Common Problems associated with Wearing Wedding Bands
Guest post by David Wicks

Just like wearing new shoes, you may get bunions if the shoe is too tight or blisters due to unnatural friction. There are also issues associated with wearing the wrong wedding band or just wearing a wedding band for the first time. Men are mostly af... more »

Bridal Jewelry

Engagement and Wedding RingFrom her ring to her earrings, today's bride has definite ideas of what complements her face, hands and personality. While it is still a romantic image for a prospective fiancée to fall on bent knee and, presenting a ring a... more »

Guide to Buying Diamond Engagement Rings
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This is a wedding frugality page, so I feel it is my duty to point out that you do not have to buy a diamond for an engagement ring as long as you have talked about the subject with your partner and both of you agree to this. Despite this, the majori... more »

History of Engagement Rings, Page One
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Many couples are interested in the tradition of the engagement ring. In many cultures, it has become the ultimate symbol of love, devotion and commitment. It's extremely common to have a diamond engagement ring, and for some this stone is the only on... more »

Ring Warranties: Get it in Writing!
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When you buy a diamond, there should be warranty information for your ring when the purchase is completed. Usually, it works something like this: the jewelry store will replace the diamond if it cracks, breaks or is lost from the setting, they'll eve... more »

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