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by Central Flower Shop

A souvenir is the physical embodiment of a wedding. It'll remain long after the wedding ceremony is over and married life has started. Each time you look at it, when you visit a friend's place, memories of your special day will rush back to you. It will be a topic for conversation and you can be proud of having chosen the right souvenir for your wedding.

The inherent difficulties in choosing the right object are obvious. The major factor is cost, so first decide on an approximate budget, from which you will probably deviate by a few cents later on. Then simply shop around. Donít try to please your guests - please yourself and the groom. Decide just what feel you want your wedding you have, and look around until you find the item that renders that feel. The current trend is classical but, if possible, functional and with your own spice in it. Nowadays, you will find an incredible range of souvenirs to choose, from porcelain figurines, to wax creations. They will be sold to you boxed or unboxed, wrapped or unwrapped - make sure to discuss this detail with the vendor as it may bring to light additional costs or work e.g. flat boxes that need tobe folded, closed and filled with packing material. If you are printing gift tags, remember that you will be attaching them somehow to your souvenirs

Something to brighten up the souvenirs are the 'qoffini' or souvenir baskets of which you will certainly need two - one at the brides parents' home and one at the grooms parents' home to hold the souvenirs in preparation for giving them to guests who visit to bring the wedding gift. These baskets are available for rent from most florists. Or you can go creative and decorate a couple yourself using wicker baskets and the proper materials, ribbons, etc. Be sure not to reveal the colour of your bridesmaid dresses with the touches of colour you put into itÖ keep that a surprise. You can go with natural colours if you want and most flower shops or craft shops will give you plenty of ideas to think about. This also makes a nice display on the card table.

It is good practise to order as many souvenirs as you have invited guests. Whilst some may not turn up, it is better to be safe than sorry. And for the occasional invitation that may not be acknowledged by the recipient, another friend you 'have forgotten to invite until the last minute' is sure to turn up. The same sort of souvenir but perhaps more elaborate is chosen for those closer to you - bridesmaids, maids-of-honor, best man, ushers, mother and father of the bride and of the groom, and perhaps favourite relatives. When guests visit you at your parents' home during the last few days prior to the big day, the wedding gift is received and the souvenir given as a token of appreciation and a taste of the ceremony to come. Those guests who do not pay a visit during that time will bring the gift with them to the reception and hand it to you at some point, most commonly during the initial 'going around of the guests'. The gift is accepted and handed over unopened to the waiting bridesmaid who then hands you a souvenir to give to the guests.

Most homes have that particular corner, shelf or cabinet where 'the wedding souvenirs' are displayed. Take a look at any of these collections and you will see a range of items, varying in size, look, color, shape and cost. Your souvenir will soon be there amongst the others... what will it look like?



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