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You chose your wedding invitations, prepared the list of guests and decide whether to write the invites and envelopes yourselves or entrust them to a calligrapher. Either case, you'll need to address the guests appropriately. This may be easy enough in English but Maltese may be a little more daunting so here's a short list we compiled that will help you address guests in Maltese on your wedding invitations:

Married Couple:
Is-Sur u s-Sinjura Joe Borg

Married Couple, Wife kept surname:
Is-Sinjura Mary Zammit u s-Sur Joe Borg

Married Couple, Husband professional:
It-Tabib u s-Sinjura Joe Borg
L-Avukat u s-Sinjura Joe Borg

Co-habiting Couple:
Is-Sur Joe Borg u s-Sinjorina Mary Zammit

Is-Sinjur Joe Borg
Is-Sinjura Mary Zammit

Is-Sur Joe Borg
Is-Sinjorina Mary Zammit

Single and guest:
Is-Sur Joe Borg u l-mistieden tieghu
Is-Sinjorina Mary Zammit u l-mistieden taghha

Is-Sur Joe Borg u l-gharusa
Is-Sinjorina Mary Zammit u l-gharus


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